The Most Beautiful Women In The World

img_2479_resizeThere is a lot of debate amongst men over where the most beautiful women in the world are. Some guys love Scandinavian fish eaters, others have life long yellow fever and some can’t get enough coffe to go with their milk.

The reason why this debate is so divisive is that much of what constitutes a beautiful woman to one person is based on ingrained cultural conceptions of beauty. Fortunately, scientists posit that there are certain universal and objective traits that constitute beauty, such as facial symmetry and low waist to hip ratios.

Although I am still influenced by the cultural conceptions of beauty under which I was raised, my extensive time abroad has made me a fairly objective judge on the matter. So, without further ado, below is a list of countries in which I have found to have the most beautiful women.


jiitu-abraham-sexy-ethiopian-girlEthiopian women are by far some of the most beautiful women in the world. Some say that their beauty results from the mixing of ancient Yemeni people with the Ethiopians. Regardless, their features are unique and incredibly attractive. They have intriguing faces and voluptuous bodies that are unrivaled. More, everyone can perform this incredible shoulder dance. However, unfortunately due to the poverty, if you do find yourself with an Ethiopian girl, it is often difficult to tell if they like you for you or for your money.



I have never seen more beautiful women concentrated in one country than in Spain. I think much of what makes Spanish girls so beautiful is their combination of European and Moroccan blood. They have gorgeous tanned colored skin and exceptional hips. Not only that but they also have remarkable rhythm and can move their bodies in the most sensual of ways. This can be a bit intimidating for many guys but not enough so as to make them discouraging to approach.

Norway/ Sweden/ Denmark


The women of Scandinavia are also in a class of their own. Physically, they have beautiful olive skin that tans into an incredibly attractive bronze. They have beautiful blonde hair, some bordering on white, that is desirable in its uniqueness. More, as a result of their high fish diet, they are in very good health. They are confident, happy, and generally wonderful strong women. And the best part is, none of them realize how beautiful they actually are.



There is also something undeniably beautiful about Thai women. For one, almost all of them can cook gorgeous Thai food. They are cute and sexy all at once. But since everyone in Thailand is rather petit beware that your girl isn’t actually a Thai lady boy. The one here definitely isn’t.

The truth is, there are beautiful women all over the world. However, the former countries seem to have on average the most beautiful women in them than others. If you don’t agree then check them out for yourself. You sure won’t be disappointed. If there are any other countries you think should be on the list, be sure to comment below.

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  1. says

    That’s why Israel king Solomon impressed by the beauty of Ethiopian queen sheeba. Ethiopian girls are the most feminine and gorgeous girl in this planet even when they’re poor.

  2. emcel says

    Filipina’s are the best and most beautiful…
    1. Beautiful natural tan
    2. Multi-roled empowered women (can cook, massage, take care of your children, someone to have an intelligent discussion, etc. etc.)
    3. Highly intelligent

  3. Laura says

    Argentinians are not gorgeous. Maybe it is because of all that Italian blood. I expected them to be gorgeous, but they are not gorgeous. Only the ones with the Spanish blood are pretty there.

    I would add to the list the women of Hungary and the eastern Europe. There are some beautiful slavic women and they are also in a class of their own.

    Also, remember that the pasty white skilnned Spanish person is also attractive and not just those with the olive skin

  4. Chris says


    If you ever go South of SouthAmerica, try argentinian girls. We have a mix of indigenous, spanish, italian, saxon, jew, african and central european, you name it! Argentina my country was open to immigrants so nearly all ethnic groups have landed here and the mix is quite gorgeous

  5. Tom says

    I once asked a well traveled famous superstar singer where the most beautiful women are to be found, his reply “planet earth”. Funny but since he gave no shortcut I’ve ventured most of the world looking with more places to go. For me a top five would be Sweden, Brazil, Spain, Venezuela and another that I’m yet to identify! Cuba is great, Thailand awesome, so many places, but so far, Sweden stands above them all!!

  6. raf says

    The Scandinavian women are the most beautiful in the world, just like what most travellers and the internet says. Its true. Travel and see for yourself, then go back to Sweden or Norway because life is too short to spend on less than the best. Very nice, natural personalities to match up with the best faces and bodies in the world in northern Europe. Ukraine comes in second, then Russia, South American, and India. A lot of women with American Indian heritage are also at the top.

  7. zephyr says

    interesting read, i definitely gotta hit up those scandinavian countries. also i have to add, you haven’t seem to have been to russia my friend, otherwise it would probably be on this list)))

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