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  • eurailmap2013

    From the damp streets of Paris to the chaos of Cairo, from quaint Scottish shires to the slums of Istanbul, by trains, planes, ships, hitchhiking, and foot, with various enlightening and eccentric peoples, a plethora of perspective altering drugs, crystal clear moments, near death experiences, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, border jumping, and Bulgarian prisons all through the eyes of a penniless, curious, frustrated, adventurous, middle class, 16 year old New Yorker,searching…for himself.

    Coming Fall 2014!

  • How To Shit On The Streets

    The purpose of this book is to inspire you to travel and be inspired by travel. It’s about letting the emotional anxieties go and letting things flow. It’s about providing the spiritual fiber to help discover your fears and flush them away. It’s about preparing and transforming yourself, so that, if one day, you have no choice but to shit in the streets, a very plausible predicament if you’re traveling India, you will be empowered to do so. Coming Spring 2015
  • How To Work On A Luxury Yacht

    There are four primary positions aboard a private luxury yacht; deckhand, Maid, Cook, and Engineer.In this guide you’ll find everything you need to know to get hired on one of these glorious behemoths. Travel the world in style and get paid very well to do it! Coming Summer 2015



Informative Books By Top Travel Experts

  • If you have no idea where to begin or what to do, then this book is perfect for you. It will save you hours of stress and make creating a blog a simple and easy process.

  • This ebook takes you through the whole process of blogging, SEO, and monetizing your website. There is information in the book for beginners as well as those with a little more knowledge. It is written by the legendary Nomadic Matt who earns over 4000$ monthly on his travel blog.
  • Looking to get a teaching job overseas but not sure where to start? Worried it might be hard? It’s easier than you think…even if you’ve never taught a day in your life. While getting a teaching job might seem like a time-consuming and stressful task, it’s actually very easy once you know just a few tips and tricks (tips and tricks I learned through teaching throughout Asia). This book will help you eliminate your stress, fear, and anxiety about finding a job. It will save you weeks of online research and give you the most accurate and updated information you need to land your dream job..
  • This ebook is a guide to taking your career — whatever it may be — and bringing it online. We look at the common paths to online work, pitfalls and strategies and the tools you’ll need to make it work long term.
  • Create a brilliant lifestyle out of world travel as you discover unique opportunities around the planet that allow you to travel longer, earn more money and achieve the freedom you want in life. Brought to you by Wandering Earl, a true nomad who has wandered the world for over 12 years.
  • Learn exactly how to land a job in an industry that pays you excellent money to travel the world. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to apply to every major cruise line. Without such guidance, it’s almost impossible to get hired. As a former cruise ship Tour Manager myself, I can tell you that the benefits of ‘ship life’ are simply life-changing.



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