Khat: The Adderall Of East Africa

an boy in ethiopia selling a drug called khat

You’ll never believe it, but you can actually find free Adderall in East Africa. Not only that, they are more addicted to it than kids in the US. To be honest though, it’s not exactly Adderall. In fact, it’s not even a generic rx version. Sorry if I disappointed anyone. Instead, the East African Adderall […]

Kinky Japan

japanese sex dolls

Though you wouldn’t think it, Japan has one of the most innovative and exceptionally kinky sex cultures. From pornographic cartoons and comics, to a variety of fantasy love motels, host clubs, bondage venues, sex doll rentals, and S&M, Japan caters to almost every sex fetish. So, whether you want to get in on the action, […]

How To Make Romance On The Road


Many a backpackers dream is to head off to a foreign land and taste the local sashimi. However, if you don’t want to pay outrageous prices for sometimes outdated fish, you’re gonna have to learn some tricks. In this guide I will present you with the tips that will maximize your potential for road romance. […]