Easy Ways To Meet Locals Abroad

Hanging out with bouncers at a Guatemalan strip club. You'll never meet nicer guys.

Whether you’re tired of the backpacker scene and endless hostel parties or just want to get more out of your trip and experience something new, it’s time to go local. Hanging out with locals gives you the opportunity to truly experience a country and discover a new way of life. Not only will your host […]

How To Sneak Into Anywhere


One of the skill sets I acquired as long-term runaway was the ability to sneak into just about anywhere. I sweet talked my way into luxury hotels and relaxed in their hot tubs, pools, and saunas. I snuck onto trains and traveled thousands of kilometers. I even managed to enter the Pyramids with a fake […]

How To Make A Fake Return Plane Ticket

Updated travel confirmation

As a result of globalization and the rise of economic asylum seekers, more and more countries are tightening their borders. Policy has become stricter and the amount of immigration officers with large pinecones lodged in their butts has increased dramatically. In order to convince these nationalistic, power hungry, and pinecone plagued individuals that you do […]

How To Stay Warm On The Road


There’s nothing more uncomfortable and potentially dangerous than sleeping outdoors in the cold. It can deplete your energy, devour your morale, and even lead to hypothermia. It can turn a runaway adventure into miserable experience and make you question what the hell you’re doing. Even if you’re traveling through warm climates, it’s important to be […]

How to Go Urban Camping


At first thought, urban camping sounds somewhat alluring. You envision the sweet warm glow of the city lights, the soothing drone of passing cars and a good free nights rest in the heart of the city. In truth, urban camping is nothing more than simply sleeping on the street. Its something that homeless people, crazies, […]

How To Haggle Like a Pro


Few feelings are worse as a budget backpacker than knowing that you’ve just been ripped off. You feel cheated, outwitted, and like a dumb tourist. Scenes of your antagonist laughing his/her way to the bank begin to plague your waking life. You imagine all the meals you could have afforded if you hadn’t succumbed to […]

The Secret to Learning Languages


English has become the language of commerce throughout the world. As a result, you can generally find at least a few people who speak English anywhere you go. Despite this, if you’re planning on traveling the world, it is still a great idea to learn another language. Knowing a second language not only allows you […]

European Music Festival Guide


European summer festivals are epic. They are arguably the largest, longest, most drug and sex filled, multi-cultural parties in the world. There is so much drinking and fornicating going on that no doubt thousands and thousands of babies are conceived there each year. If this is one of the EU’s population schemes to promote a […]