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1) View the world based on the best countries for budget backpackers.
2) Hover over countries to view stats in safety, cheapness, map keyfriendliness, & our World Travel Expert Rank (WTE Rank).
3) Click for travel guides and articles about that country.

Top 10 Cheapest Countries

* statistics on Consumer Price Index

Top 10 Safest Countries

*Global Peace Index 2013

Top 10 Friendliest Countries

*WEF Report on attitude of population towards foreign visitors

Top 10 WTE Ranked Countries

*Average score from 10 world travel experts

The Runaway Guide’s Top 10 Countries

*My favorite countries for budget backpacking

1) Nepal 1) Iceland 1) Iceland 1) Bolivia, Equador, Ghana, Thailand, Tanzania, Namibia 5.0 1) Guatemala
2) Pakistan 2) Denmark 2) New Zealand 2) Guatemala, Nepal, South Africa, Peru, 4.8 2) Malaysia
3) India 3) New Zealand 3) Morocco 3) Mexico, Indonesia 4.6 3) Turkey
4) Algeria 4) Austria 4) Macedonia 4) Turkey, Cambodia, Romania, Belize, Spain 4.5 4) Thailand
5) Bolivia 5) Switzerland 5) Austria 5) Laos 4.4 5) Nicaragua
6) Vietnam 6) Japan 6) Senegal 6) Vietnam, Hungary, Myanmar 4.3 6) Romania
7) Egypt 7) Finland 7) Portugal 7) Colombia, Japan, Montenegro, Croatia 4.2 7) Korea
8) Bangladesh 8) Canada 8) Bosnia 8) Czech Republic 4.1 8) Egypt
9) Indonesia 9) Sweden 9) Ireland 9) India, Macedonia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Philippines, China, Slovenia, Uganda, Botswana, Bulgaria 4.0 9) Nepal
10) Macedonia 10) Belgium 10) Burkina Faso 10) Costa Rica 3.9 10) Ethiopia

Methodology behind the “Best Countries For Backpacking Map”

The Best Countries For Backpacking Map’s country ranking is derived from the experience of 10 world travel experts. Expert ranks are averaged to form the final score, 1 being the worst and 5 the best. This is the primary index of the map. The individual country rankings of 1) Safety 2) Cheapness 3) friendliness are derived from data collected from quantitative studies undertaken by the Institute for Economics & Peace, The World Economic Forum, and

For the most accurate indication of which countries are best for budget backpackers refer primarily to the WTE Rank.

Who Are The World Travel Experts?

11 travel experts rank countries based on good times, cheapness, and overall backpacker friendliness. Together they have backpacking experience spanning over 7 decades and in nearly every country in the world.

World Travel Experts

11 Of The Top 100

Leif Harum –

I’ve traveled through over 60 countries as an ultra budget backpacker. I’ve hopped trains, hitchhiked, walked and even ran at times in my quest to experience every country in the world. The Middle East and Central America are my specialties.

On this site I  share my travel experiences, adventures, and advice so that you too may be prepared, empowered and inspired to create your own.

Norbert Figueroa –

Norbert left NYC in 2011. Since then he has traveled to over 80 countries. Before he became an expert travel blogging nomad, Norbert was an architect. On his blog he shares stories and experiences through the eyes of an architect.

Kate McCulley –

Kate left home at 26. She has since been to over 45 countries in the past 3 years. On her travel blog she shows others how to find the freedom of the open road and shares her stories, such as the time she was ship wrecked in Indonesia. She is our Europe and SE Asia expert.

David Lee –

David Lee has been backpacking the world since 2007. Since then he has visited over 50 countries. He’s a backpacking addict to say the least and has created one of the best resources for backpackers online. Though he’s been to every corner of the globe, he specializes in Colombia and South America.

Earl Baron –

Earl has been on the road for over 5,000 consecutive days. His travels have taken him to over 80 countries including Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Not only that but he has an awesome travel blog where he shares some of his best stories. Earl is one of the reasons I decided to start this travel blog. He is our expert on those countries most backpackers skip.

Alexandra Kovaco –

Alexandra, like the name of her blog, is crazy, sexy, and fun. She’s also traveled to over 35 countries around the world. She is our traveling in style expert.

Becki Enright-

Becki is a British travel blogger and backpacker who began her journey in 2007. She has since visited over 30 countries all around the world. She’s not afraid to get off the beaten path and wants to help others do so as well. She’s an expert on all things Asia and is on her way to the Middle East next.

Amar Hussain –

Amar Hussain is a British blogger committed to making your gap year dreams a reality. He has been to over 40 countries in 9 regions in the world. He is our South and Central America expert.

Stephanie Yoder –

Stephanie has been traveling the world since 2010. She is not only a world travel expert but on heck of a travel blogging expert as well. Through her blog, she funds her life of wanderlust.

Stephen Schreck –

Stephen is a photographer, blogger, and world nomad. He’s all about pushing the limits and embarking on adventures out of the ordinary. Stephen along with Norbert tackled the Mongol Rally, a race from London to Monglolia in a 1.3 liter Hyundai.

Brendan van Son –

Brendan recently traveled the entire west coast of Africa by moped. He’s got loads of guides and interesting articles on his blog and online travel magazine He is our Africa travel expert.

Defining & Quantifying Safety, Cheapness, & Friendliness

Safety: is derived from an extensive study undertaken by the Institute For Economics and Peace. In this 2013 study, 10 separate indexes, such s crime, homicides, and internal stability, are used to inform the GPI or global peace index. Click here for a map of the world by how prevalent peace and safety is by country, Global Peace Index 2013. Cheapness: The consumer price index was chosen as the primary indicator. It is a measurement of the average cost of consumer goods, including transport, groceries and restaurants among other things. It best reflects what you can expect to spend while backpacking through that country. Best Countries For Backpacker’s Map’s cheapness ranking is informed from a  quantitative study undertaken by Click here to see a map of the worlds cheapest countries, CPI Map. Friendliness: refers to the attitude of locals towards foreign tourists. Data for this category is derived from a 2013 study undertaken by the World Economic Forum.

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