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P1060844About The Editor

My name is Leif Harum. I’m a travel writer, photographer and independent travel blogger based out of New York City.

When I was 16, I ran away from home. During this time I traveled around the world without a cent to my name.

After suffering countless hardships and having witnessed the extent of inequity in the world I decided to return to my education.

In 2010 I received a BA in Global Studies from the University Of California Santa Barbara. In that same year I became one of the first of five students to attend the premier MSc program at the United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan. And in 2011 I started this blog The Runaway Guide.

What is The Runaway Guide?

The Runaway Guide is a budget world travel guide for the run away in everyone. It draws from the extreme budget travel techniques I implemented as a broke runaway to the more practical methods I have acquired over nearly 8 years of backpacking. It aims to become the premier resource on budget travel with articles ranging the gamut from accommodation and gear reviews to adventure and destination guides.

Primary Themes:

  • Budget Travel
  • Off Beat Destination Guides
  • Adventure
  • Enlightenment Through Travel
  • Location Independence

Target Audiences:

  • Aspiring ‘Runaways’
  • College Students
  • Budget Backpackers
  • Travel Bloggers
  • Dreamers



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