Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?


I’m an optimist. I hardly ever think of buying travel insurance before an adventure. It’s expensive and chances are I won’t even need it. I would much rather invest in new travel gear than drop a few hundred dollars on insurance. But then I look back. Back to those times when some insurance could have saved me a great deal […]

The Most Beautiful Sunset In The World


There’s something about sunsets that put everything in perspective. You might be stressed out, strung out, or hung over, but the minute that warm glow washes over the world, your troubles don’t seem as troubling. It’s the transience of the moment that reminds us that life is fleeting. That we should focus on what’s important […]

10 Things We Can Learn From The Happiest People In The World


Scandinavia is located as North as Alaska. It’s cold, dark, damp, and dreary for nearly 9 months out of the year. And when summer does come, it is often plagued by overcast skies and drizzle. Yet somehow, year after year, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, rank highest in GNH or gross national happiness. Since it can’t […]

The Best Country For First Time Budget Backpackers

backpacking el salvador

You’re dead set on running away and backpacking the world. You’ve found the courage, you’ve saved up enough money, and maybe your bag is already packed. The only thing left to do now…decide where you’re going to go first. The beauty about this predicament is that you can literally go anywhere you want. On the […]

How To Travel Without A Plan


I love arriving in a completely foreign country without preparation or a plan. The uncertainty is exhilarating and the sense of freedom is unrivaled. It was in this style that I arrived, for the first time, in El Salvador at 1:30 AM last Wednesday. You might be thinking, as my family did “Why in the […]

What Really Is Deja Vu?


We have all experienced Deja Vu. Those times when you’re on the pot and you turn your head just so and you are suddenly hit with an overwhelming feeling as though you’ve done it before. Ok, admittedly that wasn’t a very good example, but when I get Deja Vu, it often happens on the porcelain […]