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Your sponsorship will ensure the continuation of my blog.

You will sleep soundly in the knowledge that I have eaten.

You will have my undying gratitude.

If you ask me, those are some pretty darn good reasons to become a sponsor.

But, If you still aren’t convinced, and are the type of person that needs something tangible in return for your hard earned money, below are a few more incentives for you to become a sponsor.

Rewards Program:

eating korean chicken

1) What ever change you can spare

Reward: Great appreciation

2) 5$ 

Reward: More appreciation, and a chapter preview of my upcoming book, “The Runaway: An Untraditional Guide To Travel.”

3) 10$

Reward: Even more appreciation, the book preview, and a shout out in an upcoming post.

4) 20$

Reward: Serious appreciation, the book preview, the shout out, and a post card from wherever I might be, and a 1 hour personal Skype session.

5) 50$

Reward: loads more serious appreciation, the book preview, the shout out, the postcard, and a small package of cool local souvenirs, and a 1 hour personal Skype session.

IMG_29166) 100$

Reward: Tremendous gratitude and serious appreciation, the book preview, a featured shout out, a package full of cool trinkets and souvenirs from whatever country I’m in, and a life time of personal Skype sessions.

7)300$ +

Reward: Insane gratitude and profuse thanks, everything listed before, a substantial package, and unlimited travel advice and support for life.

*All sponsors will be informed of exactly how their donations are contributing to my survival.

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