How To Live In Sweden For Cheap


At 8 pm the sun shines powerfully about 30 degrees above the horizon. It’s warm glow caresses your skin and you can’t believe it’s still so strong. At 9 pm horizontal rays engulf dense pine forests and radiate over green meadows. The land is painted a golden and mystic dusk. At 10 pm, and for the next hour, time is forgotten as the […]

Ultimate Guide To Renting Apartments On Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The view from Casa Rosa's in Santa Cruz

In 1934, Aldous Huxley deemed Lake Atitlan the most beautiful lake in the world. He wasn’t exaggerating. Lago De Atitlan is more than simply beautiful; it’s a 5 star feast for all the senses. The turquoise blue water, the lush green mountains, the glow of three volcanoes, and towering clouds overwhelm the eyes. An array […]

Runaway Retreats: Hideouts, Cheap Long-term Accommodation, and Good Eats


One of my favorite things about backpacking the world is finding cool locations. I love discovering secret spots where I can hide out for a few months. My ideal retreats are where accommodation is free or super cheap, where the sun is always shining and a beach or mountain lake is not far away, where […]

Paradise On Earth: Northern Norway


In the winter, the island is bleak, frigid and dark. Aside from the moon, the stars, the northern lights, and the drunken glow of three old Norwegians, (Dagfin, Kia, and Jan),the island is shadowed in darkness. But in the summer, the island epitomizes the land of the midnight sun. Though you can’t see the infamous […]