How To Work On A Luxury Yacht

by The Runaway Guide on July 31, 2011

concept yacht of the futureThere are few jobs as ideal for the long-term budget backpacker or runaway than working aboard a private luxury yacht. If you are lucky enough to become a crewmember aboard one of these glamorous behemoths, you can expect an adventure like no other. However, finding work aboard a private yacht is no easy endeavor and your work schedule can at times be rigorous to say the least.

In the following guide you will find everything you need to know in order to runaway and travel the world aboard a private luxury yacht.


Job Positions & Required Experience

crew of a luxury yacht

The four primary positions aboard are private yacht are, deckhand, Maid, Cook, and Engineer. All of which require some degree of prior experience.

For aspiring deckhands, strong boating skills are essential. They include, the ability to drive a tender or small motorboat, wood varnishing and painting skills, and proficient swimming and sailing skills. Holding a tender boat license or a captain’s license is a plus.

If you are seeking a position as a maid, being a woman will definitely increase your chances. Though there are some male maids, it is not common. It is advantageous to have experience as a maid in a reputable hotel or within any hospitality service.

In order to apply as a cook, you must be an experienced and accomplished professional. Most yacht owners are billionaires and as such expect only the finest dinning experiences. If you aren’t 5 star, you might as well forget about it.

Lastly, in order to become an engineer, it is necessary to hold an advanced degree or equivalent experience in marine engineering.  In addition, one must be skilled in electrical engineering as well as plumbing.

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