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by The Runaway Guide on February 25, 2013

the runaway guide featured on fox news

You guys aren’t going to believe this but I’ve made Fox News! And of course their story is as ill-informed and ill-researched as all of their news stories.

Here’s what I have to say to Fox and the hundreds who have messaged me

I’m very sorry about this situation but I will not be held responsible for it. However, I will do my best to help, not out of guilt but out of compassion. In fact, I have already tried to make contact with him.

My site and fb page is first and foremost a travel adventure blog. It is a place where I chronicle my travels. It is not a place where “kids meet adults” as claimed by fox news.

The title refers to figuratively running away. Most people understand this. However, since I was once a runaway and it is an integral part of my life and story, I can’t leave this part out.

Most of my readers are backpackers and people who aspire to travel.

Yes my site glorifies travel, but it does not glorify literally running away for teens. It is a point I am quite clear about throughout my site.

In the one article that actually pertains to kids running away, my primary goal has always been to dissuade them from doing so. In fact, part of the reason why I started this travel blog was to provide an informed resource by someone who actually ran away. Previously all that was available to kids was this terrible wiki article, , that hardly touches on the negative implications of running away.

In addition, I often feature articles which encourage kids to travel in more orthodox ways and with their parents consent. Please see, How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Runaway.

Understandably there will be some kids who will be inspired by my site, they will disregard my guides which asks them not to run away, and do so anyways. In this case, it was not my site or guides that planted the seed. They found my site because they felt so serious about leaving home that they went so far as to research it on the internet.

I receive hundreds of e-email a month from kids who want to runaway.  In them I try to understand their situation, give them strength, convince them that there will be plenty of time to travel in the future and ask them to wait until then. I always advise all kids under 18 who contact me specifically not to run away. I have a unique perspective, kids can relate to me, and this puts me in a position where I can actually help.

As a result of my site, I am very confident that I have inspired many people to travel. I am also confident that I have prevented countless kids from actually running away. Both of which have always been my primary goals.

To all of you who have sent me messages recently, please first read my site before you blindly accuse and label me such absurd things as human trafficker, and a pedophile.

Please read through it first.



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