Paradise On Earth: Northern Norway

loppa-island-northern-norwayIn the winter, the island is bleak, frigid and dark. Aside from the moon, the stars, the northern lights, and the drunken glow of three old Norwegians, (Dagfin, Kia, and Jan),the island is shadowed in darkness.

But in the summer, the island epitomizes the land of the midnight sun. Though you can’t see the infamous aurora borealis at this time, you can still see the cognac inspired glow emanating from Dagfin, Kia, and Jan.

Joking aside, from late June to early August, the island becomes a brisk northern paradise. The temperatures hovers around 70f or 20 c, which is just warm enough to go skinny dipping with the locals on the white sand beaches.

The island and surrounding landscape seems to be carved and painted by Odin himself. To the west lies a jagged mountain chain that resembles the wings of a petrified mammoth dragon. While to the north lies an equally awe inspiring and perfectly formed mountain covered in snow. Upon laying ones eyes on this sublime landscape, you might think you’re in heaven.

It sits on the most northern latitude in continental Europe at around 70 degrees. Not only are you sitting at the top of the world but you are also hundreds of miles from any large population center. The resulting sensation is one of serenity, freedom, and incomparable peace of mind.

This Runaway Retreat is Loppa Øy (The Loppa bird island).

Things To Do

a norwegian girl swimming in northern norway

Although you might think there is nothing to do, that’s just the point. It is an island for relaxation, reflection, and the imagination. However, if you do get bored, there are actually quite a few things to do besides getting drunk with Dagfin, Kia, and Svein at 4 in the morning.  For one, you can petition Svein to take you Salmon fishing to catch some of the largest, freshest, and most delicious salmon you will ever eat. You can also take a brisk yet cleansing dip in the sea or explore the mountains and platues of the island for a 360 degree panorama of the end of the earth. When you get tired you can lay back on the mattress like bug free moss that blankets the island. And when you return to your house, then you can eat your salmon and then get drunk with Dagfin, Kia, and Jan.

Where to Stay


Although there are no stores or pubs on the island, there is a church and a guest house. It operates from June to August and reservations must be made in advance. The rooms are cozy, clean, and basic but provide everything you need. The prices for Norwegian standards are remarkable reasonable at 750 Kroner a night or 130$ USD. To make your reservation, you can visit their website here, or contact them at Tone (@)

How to Get There


As you might expect, getting to Loppa is no easy endeavor. If you’re coming from New York, you can catch a oneway flight on Norwegian Air from JFK airport to Oslo for around 250$ depending on the season. From there you can find a 2 hour flight to Alta for between 50-100$ on Norwegian Air. When you arrive Alta you must then take a 4 hour bus to a town called Oxfjord. On the way, you will be sure to encounter some eccentric people and some buss chasing reindeer. From Oxfjord, you catch a 4 hour ferry to Loppa Øy. Though the journey is long, the arrival is definitely worth it. You will feel as though you are in a dream within a dream.

Conclusion: Loppa Øy is the kind of island that alters perspectives. It is the perfect place to runaway to and escape the obligations of society and the world. It makes a holiday like none other. It is truly a unique island and one that few people have ever had the opportunity to explore. Recommend it to anyone? Who wants to see heaven?

Words Alone Can’t Describe It, So Here Are A Few More Pictures

loppa oy, a beautiful island in norway


The Viking Eivind About To Eat Raw Salmon

a norwegian with a big fish


Eivind Relaxing After His Meal

a norwegian relaxing


The Mountains That Surely Inspired Norse Mythology



The Soft Grass That Blankets The Island



The Midnight Sun

the midnight sun from loppa island in northern norway


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