Runaway Road Guides

How To Runaway From Home

Here you will find every-thing you need to know about running away. From actually deciding to leave and preparing, to surviving on the street.

The Art Of Train Jumping

Train Jumping is an art requiring many months of practice. Though morally questionable, it might become your only means of transport in a bind.

The Aspiring Adult Runaway

No matter how old you are, you can runaway too. From becoming homeless to working aboard a private yacht, this guide informs alternative life paths.

How To Sleep The Street

If you want to save some money and got what it takes to brave the elements, the homeless, the police and the prostitutes…

How To Eat On The Cheap

If you want to learn how to eat cheap or even free while on the road, you must have an open mind and a sauce made of hunger.

A Guide To Hitchhiking

No matter what level of experience, it never hurts to review proper hitch-hiking strategies, etiquette and safety precautions.

How To Pick Your Backpack

Your backpack is undoubtedly the most important piece of equipment you will need on your back-packing adventure.

How To Fly For Cheap

If you are motivated, know where to look, and are willing to endure long layovers, cheap international flights can be yours.

How To Build A Fort

Here you will find an overview of fort building techniques that may one day save your hide from the elements.

How To Jump A Border

If you have ever wondered how to jump an international border, you have come to the right place.